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Yoti server industry is moving from standardization to universal customization

On January 10, 2022, at the launch of new domestic customized server products, Yoti will further develop the customized server market segment and provide users with better customized servers and industry in-depth customized services.

Since it has been based in Shenzhen for ten years, the company name is derived from “protect the enterprise, be as stable as Mount Tai”. The company takes advantage of the opportunity of national promotion and deployment of ‘new infrastructure’, with the team members’ years of R&D accumulation in the server field, combined with the new needs of digital economy development , to provide users with in-depth customized services such as server software, hardware, operation and maintenance, and services. ”

Yoti server
Yoti server

The core team members have been focusing on the IT field for more than 10 years and have rich industry experience. The server products developed are widely used in the Internet, telecommunications, finance, medical care, education and other industries. On the basis of in-depth channel business, it will vigorously invest in research and development in 2020, and become a customized server manufacturer and system solution provider integrating production, operation and maintenance.

According to Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the customization business, since the outbreak of the new crown in 2020, the demand for “online economy” such as cloud office, online classroom, and live broadcast has grown rapidly, and the demand for Internet applications has surged. Some blockchain projects further boost the custom server business. In the post-epidemic era, with the launch of the third-generation scalable processors and third-generation EPYC products, a new generation of information technology has developed rapidly. With the promotion of the “new infrastructure” policy, the custom server market will usher in a full-blown outbreak.

The products cover general-purpose racks based on X86 architecture, artificial intelligence, multi-node, edge computing and other types of servers and related IT infrastructure. These product R&D capabilities and application experience have laid the foundation for the customized server market that Yoti Server is committed to developing.

Yoti server

At present, China’s server industry is moving from a standardization period to an era of general customization. With the advancement of technology and the diversification of application scenarios, customized server services tailored to user needs are showing their strong market vitality.

In order to allow server customization to benefit more users as soon as possible, Yotai server will provide customers with resources and services including dedicated personnel docking, free testing machines and other resources and services.

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