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What are cloud servers and physical servers? what is the difference between the two

What is a physical server?

A traditional physical server lease is a physical computer dedicated to a single client (called a tenant). With this type of single-tenant server, tenants can customize the performance, security, and configuration of the server without sharing resources with other tenants. All of the server’s resources, including network resources, are dedicated to a single tenant.

Xeon E5 single-path server
Xeon E5 single-path server

Physical servers can be virtualized using software called hypervisors, which can freely divide the server into multiple VPSs (virtual servers), each for different parallel services. Implement a virtualization layer on top of the host server to manage the virtual servers on the host. A hypervisor provides a similar high level of security and performance, while also providing the benefits of a virtualization solution.

What is a cloud server?

Cloud server is an elastic computing service built by integrating a large-scale physical server cluster into a cloud virtual resource pool through distributed architecture, virtualization and other technical means, and then scheduling virtualized vCPU, memory, storage and network according to requirements. . This architectural model maximizes the use of the hardware and performance of the physical server, thereby allocating the high cost to a large number of cloud server users.

Common cloud servers, typically used for smaller workloads that require stable performance, are relatively independent of each other through logical isolation, but they usually share the performance of the entire underlying server. It may be difficult to compare dedicated physical servers in terms of performance.

What is the difference between a cloud server and a physical server?

Traditional physical server leasing is a standalone server with only one operating system installed directly on the server, dedicated to a single tenant. Tenants are based on physical isolation and have the highest security.

The function of cloud server is similar to that of physical server. It is also a computing service composed of CPU, memory, storage and network, but cloud server is based on distributed and virtualized architecture. Each tenant shares the resources of the entire cloud computing platform with other tenants. Logical isolation is adopted between tenants.

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