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4U Intel Xeon storage server

4U Intel Xeon storage server YT436V3 is a 4U rack server based on Intel Xeon series cpus. It supports a maximum of 36 3.5/2.5-inch hot swappable disks and 2 2.5-inch hot swappable disks. It meets the data storage requirements of various applications such as OLT-P/OLAP, file sharing, and cloud computing. It provides efficient, flexible, and diversified backup and disaster recovery solutions, which are widely used in financial, government, carrier, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

4U rack type industrial computer

GNP-610 is a standard 4U rack-mounted industrial computer. The chassis is made of high-strength galvanized steel sheet, which is resistant to strong electromagnetic interference. The chassis has a good heat dissipation system. The whole machine supports industrial motherboards of various sizes, can be configured with LGA 1155/1150/1151/1200/1700 motherboards, supports up to 7 PCIe expansion slots, super expandable, and the chassis can choose standard power supply or redundant power supply module to meet different requirements. environmental needs.

Tower GPU server

Intel Xeon Tower Server YT408G4T, is a tower server based on Intel Xeon series processors (supports conversion to 4U rack type, supporting rack-mounted rails), supports up to 8 3.5/2.5-inch hot-swap hard drives and 4 full-height Long dual-slot GPU card expansion, with strong performance, high scalability, high ease of use, etc., suitable for video encoding and decoding, graphics design, deep learning, scientific computing and other scenarios.

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