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GPU server

GPU graphics card server has powerful computing capability and can be used as a platform for deep learning training

4U xeon E5 GPU server dual-channel platinum deep learning X11

With multi-disk RAID backup and multi-network card redundancy technology, support remote management, remote diagnosis, maintenance, with multiple fault indication function, easy to achieve accurate control and management of the system, effectively reduce the risk of user downtime and ensure the reliability of the server; Efficient cooling subsystem easy to plug and remove design, effectively reduce the failure rate

Main application places:
Applicable to enterprise informatization, cloud computing, distributed storage, WEB search, file service, VOD, medium-sized database, IDC/ISP/ICP/ASP, network and information carrier services or applications.

Tower GPU server

Intel Xeon Tower Server YT408G4T, is a tower server based on Intel Xeon series processors (supports conversion to 4U rack type, supporting rack-mounted rails), supports up to 8 3.5/2.5-inch hot-swap hard drives and 4 full-height Long dual-slot GPU card expansion, with strong performance, high scalability, high ease of use, etc., suitable for video encoding and decoding, graphics design, deep learning, scientific computing and other scenarios.

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