Server customization

Customized service range

From brand image customization to in-depth functional customization, we have the ability to innovate and solve the whole business scope, and create the most professional server customization service

Hardware product customization

In addition to providing standard products, YOTI also provides customization of non-standard products, including customization of veneer products, complete machines and other product customization services.

Board customization services include:

◆ Customized function combination, plate type, interface

◆ Customized accessories and peripheral equipment installation

◆ Customized environment and EMC testing, etc

Machine customization services include:

◆ Machine structure customized

◆ System assembly

◆ Authentication Tool

◆ Customized packaging

System/driver customization

YOTI has a strong software technical team, we can customize various products and software services for customers according to their different needs

X86 architecture:

◆ Customized peripheral and built-in display Settings

◆ Customized port, storage and other customization

◆ Customized CMOS/BIOS Settings

ARM architecture:

◆ Android/Linux system customization
◆ Peripheral driver migration
◆ Kernel clipping
◆ System optimization

Customized service process

The whole process ODM/OEM services, to create the most professional server customization program

Quickly collect customer requirements, including application scenarios and application performance requirements

The technical team analyzes customer needs, puts forward product selection plan and quotation, which is confirmed by the customer.

According to the configuration scheme of the server, complete the design of the main board/backplane, chassis and packing cases.

According to the design plan confirmed by the server, production and assembly are carried out.

Reliability testing is required for each batch of products produced, and product reliability is verified through comprehensive tests such as aging tests and drop tests.

Strictly carry out factory inspection, carefully packaged and transported by special vehicle for delivery.

Advantages of YOTI

Yoti is committed to server OEM and ODM, we can meet the customization needs of different customers.

Quick response

The pre-sales technical team is on call at any time, and the director-level technical engineer seamlessly joins the support to quickly complete the demand analysis

Flexible and efficient

Flexible production, high efficiency and flexibility. From a single set of customization to 10,000 sets of customization to fully meet customer needs.

Delivery guarantee

Millions of common hardware stock, global supplier support, flexible and efficient production, top logistics cooperation.

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